When I asked for white people to be passionate about Black people and water I was talking about Flint NOT these virtual tiki-torch marches against the new Ariel.Awa Gueye

This week in Fragility

1980's vaporwave banner with the motto: "Your CisHet fragility is bewildering".

The fragility of cisgender heterosexuals continues to astonish me. The week’s not even over and we’ve seen:

Roland Tanglao

Maybe all those people who would’ve learned scripting languages on OS X are instead hacking those same scripting languages on Linux e.g. a $35 Raspberry PI and/or writing javascript/node.js apps in glitch or jsbin or jsfiddle or Android apps or IOS apps?

Duck typing progeny

Two C++ programmers run into each other for the first time in many years at an event.

After exchanging pleasantries, they ask each other about their lives in the time since they last saw one another.

One says, “I don’t know, you do everything to raise your kid the right way, and they betray you.”

The other braces for a comment about how the child doesn’t have the same politics, religion, or ideologies of their parents.

“My child writes in weakly typed languages.”

While being mindful that the term decolonization originated with indigenous people’s movements, I’m finding that it is a useful concept for thinking about gender.

Here’s Deb Chachra describing the term:

The implicit driver of colonization is always that the residents are using the land ‘incorrectly’, and sustainability always looks like underutilization when compared to resource extraction.

And you can see that at work in gender and indigenous peoples. Western colonizers erased the gender of Two-Spirit First Nations and Native Americans, Third gender people throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islanders, and Finland.

Forgotten Stories of Unknown Pleasures

A revisualization of the pulsar data used on the cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, projected isomorphically

Reminder that the cover of Joy Division’s #UnknownPleasures (which turns 40 today) is based on a visualization of Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s data from the first human observation of a pulsar.

She should had received a Nobel Prize for that work, instead the award was given to her boss.

The work of women is braided into the history of science, technology, and culture. We’ve always been here. But patriarchy keeps trying to bury us and our work.

Image credit: Ho-Teng Chang

I haven’t done any sewing in ages, so I went in my scraps and made a cover for my iPad’s keyboard.

keyboard on coverkeyboard in cover

Helen Lovejoy concern trolling Springfield

My considered take on the concerns raised in Mark Nottingham’s comments on DNS over HTTPS (DOH) is that we should consider parents and schools as part of the threat model since family, school, and church are the main sites of sexual violence against minors, and that the family manifests as another threat against queer minors through the threat of expulsion.

Browser and OS developers should keep this in mind when the but think of the children gambit is played.